Richmondtown Soccer

"Consent Form"

The Richmondtown Soccer Club is pleased to announce the new Richmondtown Web Site to report game highlights, practices, scores and news of our children's games.  It will be the responsibility of the coach or representative to send signed consent forms to Bill Smith or Lenny Buccellato before posting game highlights.

We feel this is an excellent opportunity to enhance our children's interest in soccer, as well as the use of the Internet.  To find this site, enter

Many coaches have attempted to reward their players by reporting scores and highlights, only to be disappointed by what the newspapers actually report.  Now, in addition to reporting the scores, we are attempting to build children's confidence.  And interest.

We will not use any child's name (or image) unless we have a PARENTAL CONSENT Form.  At no time will Richmondtown Soccer Club, Club officials, coaches, volunteers, Web authors, sponsors, affiliated organizations, their employees, any other associated persons of this club be held legally responsible for use of a child's name (or image) in connection with the reporting of sporting events, achievements, and the like...

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